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Winter Wonderland

The Bay is a totally different world in the winter time.

Knowing that many of you have never been on the Bay in the winter I thought you might like a taste.

Drive Right Up to the CabinSnowmobile Over Islands

Think about:

  • Having to climb out of that warm sleeping bag to go outside to pee when it's -12°F/ -24°C
  • Running water that you have to run and go get. First reopen the hole you cut in the ice, then scoop it out with a kitchen pot, pour it into a 5 gallon container and haul it back to the cabin.
  • Occasioally freezing your fingers nearly off.
  • Waking up with your breath frozen to the outside of your sleeping bag.
  • Hearing things like "If you hit open water just punch it and keep it straight till your back on the ice."      

If your lucky you are going to a large insulated cabin and your eating bear and moose and drinking expensive Cognac..

The lines of travel change. You stay away from deep narrow channels. One travels overland around Brignall Banks for instance. The five winter trips I've done have always been around Valentine's Day when the ice is thickest. Median Ice Coverage for Season

Additional advice would be:

  • Avoid travel during heavy snowfall, especially after dark.
  • Always stop your snowmobile on high ground, avoid getting stuck.
  • Building a roaring fire, right on top of the ice is no problem.
  • Have someone on board who is seriously experienced.

Finally, if you are thinking about heading north, watch those door knobs etc. One year I picked up a flu bug en route and didn't start getting slammed till I arrived on the island.

Daily Ice Analysis (click location to zoom)

One email came in stating the, "Only thing missing is continuous live video feed of the islands!!!" This is the best I can do for now. Web Cam

Lastly, here are a couple of videos to enjoy. Be sure to also visit our Photos tab - "Winter Wonderland" and "Shots from the Isle of Good Deeds" Contributions welcomed via email.

Pointe au Baril Winter picture from train tressel 1924

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