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Train Station

1920's Southbound Train into Pointe-au-Baril Station

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One old lady's recollections:

The passenger train to Pointe-au-Baril started about 1920. The "highway" came in about  1946. Around that time the day train to Pointe-au-Baril ended. The night train still continued till the late 1950's when they stopped service to Pointe-au-Baril.

In part of her journey there were Pullman car compartments with two sitting areas facing each other and a tiny passageway in between. The two seating areas folded down together into a bed. She remembers a dining car.

If you were changing trains in Toronto a breakfast and a room at the Royal York was a fashion, before re-boarding the train for Pointe-au-Baril. She remembers the plush bucket seats in the Parlor car that spun side to side. "We used to get the greatest lamb chops and hash brown potatoes on that train. I remember them well. They were just terrific. " She remembers the smell of the train, "It was exciting."She remembers the well dressed conductor and porters, "They were such nice people."

If only we could catch the train from Toronto to Pointe-au-Baril today. I am sure it would be popular. Maybe they'll open it up again.

Train Coming in to Pointe-au-Baril Station

Southbound Train Coming in to Pointe-au-Baril Station


Point au Baril Station

Point au Baril Train Station


Waiting for the Train - Pointe au Baril Station

Waiting for the Train


Pointe au Baril Station

We had a Great Time!

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