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Old Postcards

Parry Sound street sign 1920

This road sign was at the corner of HWY 69 (old Parry Sound road) and the 124 HWY

Pointe au Baril Train Station

Pointe-au-Baril Train Station

Pointe au Baril Lighthouse about 1920

Pointe-au-Baril Lighthouse about 1920

Ojibway Hotel Dock around 1914 - Waukon

"They say there are wild deer & bear, but I haven't seen any yet. There are plenty of snakes. It is all pretty wild. Loads of Indians." - about 1914

Ojibway Dock

Hole In The Wall - Pointe au BarilSteamboat Channel Pointe au Baril

Hemlock Channel - Pointe-au-Baril

Hemlock Channel - Pointe au BarilClouds - Pointe au Baril



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