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March 1, 2012

Hi PaBIA Members,

Re: Algae Blooms in Sturgeon Bay

Some Good news: Progress has been made on the Blue Green algae issue in Sturgeon Bay. We are now at the point where the cause is known and the best possible solution (Phoslock) has been determined. The MNR has started the process of deciding on the level of environmental review needed to approve the application of Phoslock in that bay.

Some of our members will receive a note from the Ministry of Natural Resources sent out by the Township requesting input on the level of environmental review needed for the use of Phoslock in Sturgeon Bay to prevent the reoccurring blue green algae blooms seen there in recent years.

Some basic information: A significant research effort has shown that the algae blooms, caused by the phosphates on the bottom of Sturgeon Bay, have been there for a very long time. They have NOT been caused by the cottagers in the area.

After a great deal of research on treatment methods, Phoslock appears to be the best possible solution. Phoslock is a modified clay product that separates soluble phosphorus from all kinds of water bodies.

PaBIA supports the practical solution of the blue green algae problem in Sturgeon Bay but is not in a position to help determine the level of environmental review that must be undertaken and understands this is best accomplished by MNR. We recommend that those who wish to respond to the MNR notice state that they support taking action through the practical solution to the blue green algae problem in Sturgeon Bay upon the appropriate level of review as determined by the MNR.


Ed Garner, President
Pointe au Baril Islanders’ Association