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Great Lakes Mississippi River Interbasin Study (GLMRIS)

Cincinnati, Ohio February 1, 2011

Rock Hunter's oral comments at GLMRIS scoping meeting:

The man made link between the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes is an invasive species superhighway, and it has to be closed.

Hi, I'm Rock Hunter. I'm here to talk about the Asian carp crisis.

First, it is a crisis, an environmental crisis, and a crisis of leadership.

The ecosystem containing one fifth of the world's fresh surface water supply, 84% of North America's supply, needs to be preserved and cherished.

If a president's going to claim to be "the Great Lakes President," he shouldn't be hanging tight with his cronies in Illinois. He should expect to be held accountable to that water resource and his Great Lakes legacy seven generations from now.

Asian carp are NOT like Zebra mussels slipping in unknown through the dark of night.

Once the Asian carp have established breeding populations, like 9/11, the world will have changed - permanently.

Personally I am tired of reading articles this past year saying, "if they get in, or if they get past the barriers. The truth is they are getting in, and they have been getting in since December 2009, by the US Army Corp of Engineers own press release January  19, 2010.

The eDNA science behind that announcement has gone through an exhaustive review over the past year, and has come through with flying colors.

The reality is the politicians, with the power to stop this, want to defer, delay and equivocate until they can say, "Well it's too late. We tried."

So, I call upon each of you, to also have a voice.

Here is an opportunity to stop one, or are we just going to let it happen? We know exactly what we need to do to stop it. We have to stop wasting time and money trying to slow the Asian carp down, and take the real medicine, and seriously stop them in their tracks, NOW, like yesterday, NOT IN FIVE YEARS. We have to close the locks NOW!

The man made link between the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes is clearly injuring the Great Lakes ecosystem, and has to be closed.

Fresh water is the most valuable resource we have. The economic concerns with closing the Chicago Shipping and Sanitary Canal are myopic. Shouldn't we be looking out seven generations from now? It's not that far.

I, myself, am actually a fifth generation cottager on the coast of Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, and I can tell you, there's a whole lot more economy out there than the $7 billion dollar fishing industry they like to prattle on about. Entire economies have been built, around a Great Lakes lifestyle. Call it tourism, call it cottaging...visiting, buying, owning, staying.

But, if that lifestyle forever changes, there will be cascading negative economic consequences. The Great Lakes Basin is the second largest economy in the world.

Have so many people fought so hard to keep our native fish populations thriving, just to let the Asian carp steal their food supply and kill them off.

Are we losing our natural way of life?

The Great Lakes are already an ecosystem under serious stress. It is irresponsible not to protect them.

The man made link between the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes is an invasive species superhighway, and it HAS TO BE closed!

Thank you.

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