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Set your DVR's !! Nov. 28th at 9:30 pm Cottage Life TV "My Retreat" will feature island C400 in Pointe-au-Baril. The show can be seen on these channels:

Rogers: 277SD/548HD
Bell Satellite: 641SD/1730HD
Bell Fibe: 641SD/1641HD
Source Cable: 252SD
Shaw Direct:512SD/156HD

Unfortunately still unavailable in the U.S.

PaBIA Junior Regatta - Juy 27,2013



State commission approves pipeline plan despite protest - Enbridge requests permission to increase the amount of oil moving from a southern Canadian oil field to Superior from 450,000 barrels a day to 570,000 - Jul 18

• Loonie ends lower as Canada’s key rate left unchanged - Jul 17

Rattlesnake bites increase in Ontario: MNR - Jul 17

Duluth Coast Guard Buries One Of Their Own At Sea On Lake Superior - To legally bury someone's ashes at sea on the Great Lakes, you first fill out the proper paper work with the Environmental Protection Agency, find a spot at least three miles from shore and sprinkle the ashes on the water.- Jul 17

In Great Lakes, Reports Offer Reassurance and Warnings About Oil Pipeline Safety - More than 50 percent of onshore hazardous liquid pipelines in the U.S. were constructed before or during the 1960s—Line 5 was constructed in 1953 - Jul 11


Great Lakes ‘ground zero’ for water needs - The coming water crisis will affect everyone and everywhere, including everyone the Great Lakes region and basin...water is becoming more valuable than oil in some parts of the world. - Jul 14

• How Canada and Ontario can prevent an Asian Carp invasion of the Great Lakes - pdf - Jul 11

Proposal for Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River Regulation - Public Comment Period: June 13 - August 30, 2013 - Here

• Lake Huron is draining away - Help Stop the Drop - Jul 8 • Sign me up!

• Why Waukesha’s thirst for Great Lakes water is raising alarms on both sides of the border - Jul 8

• Macomb County commissioners oppose Ontario nuclear waste site on Lake Huron - Jul 8

• Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Waste Dump - Jul 6Sign Petition

Sen. Sherrod Brown to co-sponsor legislation to protect Great Lakes - 7/1


• Little things, big problems: Invasives impacting culture - Jun 20

• Local government leaders begin 3 day meeting on Great Lakes issues - Jun 19

• Data shows daily withdrawals from Great Lakes basin - Jun 18

• Great Lakes states should take note of Supreme Court decision on water diversion - Jun 17

• Third Ontario nuclear waste site possible - Jun 17

• Seeking a Permanent Solution to Keep Asian Carp Out of the Great Lakes - June 12

• Midwest Governors on Separation of Watersheds: A Closer Look at What's at Stake - Jun 11

Two Minute Sunset - by Rock Hunter

• Raise the Great Lakes? If only it were so simple - Jun 10

• Water Levels Fall in Great Lakes, Taking a Toll on shipping - Jun 10

• Random thoughts while waiting for Great Lakes Algae Watch 2013 to begin - Jun 10

• Illinois governor right: Close the Chicago canal - Jun 10

• 100 years after ore boat disappeared in Lake Superior storm, searchers locate wreck - Jun 8

• Vital issue still under radar - Jun 6

• Water levels will gain almost two feet this season - Jun 6

• 2012 Report on WATER QUALITY Sampling Data - Jun 5


Neighbors at the Dock - Photography by Rock Hunter

• Unlike most birds, common loons don't have hollow bones - Jun 2

• PoV: Hudak's appreciation of Highway 69 is encouraging - May 29

• Georgian Bay Forever Newsletter - May 23

• IJC Releases 16th Biennial Report on Great Lakes Water Quality - May 14

• Georgian Bay Association Newsletter - May 5

• IJC improves regulation plan for Lake Superior outflows and recommends action to investigate restoration of Lake Michigan-Huron levels - Apr 26

• Save Our Lighthouses - Update - Apr 23

• Getting Climate Smart - Apr 22


Gerry & Shane Evoy out socializing on the Bay! - May 2011

Posted: In tribute and memory of Gerry Evoy 1927-2013

"Visit Your Summer Haunts in Winter" Popular Science Magazine - Nov 1970 Page 129

In the planning, a Celebration of Gerry's Life, probably around the Victoria Day weekend, to be announced soon...

Spring begins with the vernal equinox at 7:02 A.M. (EDT) on March 20, 2013 in the Northern Hemisphere, so HAPPY SP----  	Purchase a Print - All prints are limited edition giclée printed on fine art paper. 


Seven new pictures in the 2012 Album - Select "Large" bottom right


Cottage Life TV Network launches a new show this fall called "My Retreat" and they are looking for interesting, quirky, iconic and grand cottages and owners to feature on the show. has been asked to put the word out cottage owners. If you are interested in possibly being on the show send a note to


Spring begins with the vernal equinox at 7:02 A.M. (EDT) on March 20, 2013 in the Northern Hemisphere, so HAPPY SPRING !!

Found March 16, 2013 Male Neutered Tan Lab Cross in Pointe Au Baril - email for contact information


Restore our Water

The middle Great Lakes have now set a new record low for December and are in Crisis. Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Georgian Bay are losing 10 BILLION GALLONS PER DAY due to erosion of the St Clair River! Please Sign & Share this petition! Strength in Numbers!

She Lay Like A Jewel On A Bed Of Deepest Blue, Watercolor on Paper 10 x 14 inches - by Bruce Herchenrader  -  Available  http://bruceher...Georgian Bay Divinity, watercolour, 20 x 36 inches - by Bruce Herchenrader  Private Collection 
New additions from Bruce Herchenrader!More images available in the Art Gallery


Sitting on a Rock of the Bay - by Rock Hunter

 (1080p quality available- Slower download but much better viewing)

Water Level Forecast: It could Break Record Lows




Everyone who's been on Georgian Bay this summer knows the water is down!

Here's the update:

  1. Lake Michigan-Huron is currently 12 inches lower than at this time last year.
  2. Lake Michigan-Huron is currently   8 inches below chart datum.
  3. We are on our 13th year of lower-than-average water levels on Georgian Bay.
  4. The potential for record lows for Lake Michigan-Huron is not a prediction, but instead the low end of a possible scenario for the next six months.
  5. The graphs and charts are truly depressing.

The International Joint Commission has advocated a do nothing approach to water levels in the Upper Great Lakes Study. They have extended their deadline to comment to September 30th 2012. If you haven't made your thoughts and feelings heard, remember that the volume of people who voice an opinion counts! The Pointe au Baril Islanders Association has form letters prepared you can use as an American or Canadian citizen. Whether you email, fax or post letters. let your voice be heard!


U.S. Section Secretary                                  Canadian Section Secretary

International  Joint Commission                     International  Joint Commission

200 L Street NW, Suite 615                           234 Laurier Avenue West, 22nd Floor

Washington, D.C.                                           Ottawa, Ontario

20440                                                              K1p 6K6

Fax: 202-632-2007                                          Fax: 613-993-5583          

2011 and 2012 Comparison





 	"Georgian Gate" - Oil on Canvas  -  Available  	   	 		Available as digital reproductions in three different sizes,...  	Georgian High - Oil on Canvas  	42 inches x 72 inchesx 2 1/2 inches - Private Collection r more than twenty years I camped with a group of f...  	"Northern Light" - Oil on Canvas  	36 inches x 48 inchesx 2 1/2 inches  	Available   	   	 		Contact the artist about this ar...


New additions from Bruce Herchenrader  in the Art Gallery


 	Rock Hunter photography - August 8, 2012



Three minutes of fun - 8-6-12 - Rock Hunter Photography

 	Rock Hunter Photography

Strong Wind Warning in Effect - August 5, 2012

2012 Senior Regatta Poster

 	Rock Hunter photography

Sunset August 3, 2012 - Rock Hunter Photography

Ojibway Club - July 28, 2012

2012 Junior Regatta Poster


 	Isle of Good Deeds Photography  	 

Careless campers are believed to have started a forest fire near the Bustard Islands on North Eastern shores of Georgian Bay Saturday evening July 14th. Two MNR water bombers responded quickly after being called by a nearby cottager. A crew of twelve worked to permanently extinguish the fire through Tuesday July 17, 2012. Click here for more photos.


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