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"Matthew's Bay" by Cecile Gambin - -

• Thirty years later: Peregrine falcons recovered, thriving in Great Lakes states - Apr 13

• Lake's ecosystem continues to change - Apr 12

• Arctic oil rush will ruin ecosystem, warns Lloyd's of London - Apr 11

• Salties bring no new invaders to Great Lakes, thanks to ‘swish and spit’ process - Apr 11

• Start of 2012, March shatter US heat records - Apr 9

video platform video management video solutions video player

• NASA | Temperature Data: 1880-2011 - 26 sec video

• Great Lakes study recommends changing outflows from Superior - Apr 5

• Report: Ohio unprepared for climate change - Apr 5

• Study: Ozone Layer Slowly Recovering - Apr 4

• New threat to lighthouses illuminated - Apr 3

 	April 2012 - Photo courtesy of Tiffin's Cottage Care 

The Magnificent McCoy's - April 2012 - Photo courtesy of Tiffin's Cottage Care

• Water level study under review - Apr 4

• CBC cuts: Strong voice for gov't accountability bullied - Apr 4

• Arctic Warming is Altering Weather Patterns, Study Shows - Apr 3

• Low water levels aggravated by lack of ice - Apr 3

• Lake Superior higher than it was a year ago at this time - Apr 2

• Harmful algal blooms can cause rash, illness - Apr 2

• New chemicals piling up in environment - Apr 2

• Scientists developing poison pill for Asian carp - Apr 1

• Weather disasters will only get worse, scientists say- Mar 29

• Once A Cleanup Leader, Michigan Struggles With Leaking Fuel - Mar 29

• Report Warns that water shortage could threaten- pdf 574 kb

• Report: Projects to control Great Lakes unlikely - Mar 28

• Lake Superior Regulation Plan 2012 - Summary Report - Here - pdfs

Great Lakes residents clash over water levels - "I feel some sympathy for the people in Georgian Bay, but not enough to want to raise water levels," said... - Mar 27

• Smuggling of live Asian carp becomes Great Lakes threat - Mar 27

• Nuclear gives next energy headache - Mar 27

  1. Darlington - map - wiki
  2. Pickering - map - wiki
  3. Bruce - map - "The Bruce station area is also the site of OPG's Western Waste Management Facility (WWMF). The WWMF stores all the low and intermediate level nuclear waste from the operation of OPG's 20 nuclear reactors, including those leased to Bruce Power. As of 2009, there are 11 Low level storage buildings." - wiki
  4. NWMO - "For decades Canadians have been using electricity generated by nuclear power reactors in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. We have produced just over 2 million used fuel bundles." - What is used nuclear fuel?

Coast Guard Ballast Discharge Standards Misses Mark to Protect from Invasive Species - Mar 23


Take a look... (1) & (3) sidebar

Photo courtesy of Donald Knight

March 21, 2012 "...and the outboards return!" Photo courtesy of Donald Knight - More pictures - here

Chemicals on their way out of U.S. consumer products are increasingly present in Great Lakes birds - Mar 21

• The Gray Wolf: The Great Lakes’ Comeback Kid - Mar 21March 19, 2012 - Photo courtesy of Tiffin's Cottage Care

March 19, 2012 - "Heat Wave" - Photo courtesy of Tiffin's Cottage Care

• Ontario gets blast of summer on first day of spring - Mar 20

• Leak discovered at nuclear plant - Mar 20

• Reversing Greenland ice sheet's melt-off could be impossible - Mar 17

• Coast Guard sets ballast cleansing requirements - Mar 16

BrBFebruary 2012 - Photo courtesy of Tiffin's Cottage Careaa

• Bruce Power gets nod to restart Ontario reactor - Mar 16 - Map - "The Bruce station is the largest nuclear facility in North America, and second largest in the world..." - Wiki

• Protecting, nourishing fluid can also expose fetuses to chemicals - "A life-giving fluid necessary for fetal development and health could be directly exposing the unborn to flame retardant chemicals. - Mar 15

• Study confirms cougars have returned to Eastern Ontario - Mar 15 - PaB

• More Great Lakes birds found with mercury contamination - Mar 13 - Q&A

• Georgian Bay Forever's Second Annual Speaker Series, April 14 - Info

• NRDC Taking Legal Steps to Protect the Great Lakes from Toxic Algal Blooms - 3/14

...and the TVO Doc Studio Short Documentary Contest Winner is... Emmaline (Lighthouse) Congrats to Filmmaker: Coty Forth Great! Really Great Show! - Mar 13 and info

• Great Lakes show massive ice loss, study says - Mar 13


• Disappearing Great Lakes Ice; Thawing soils soak up rain - Mar 12

• Rare March tornadoes threaten Michigan, Great Lakes - Mar 12

• Decades of research on Great Lakes ice cover reveal trends - Mar 9

• Note current: warm water temperatures, and Ice cover

• Temporal and spatial variability of Great Lakes ice cover, 1973-2010 - pdf 2.61 mb

• State of Lake Michigan Conference: 2011 (abstracts) - pdf 1.4 mb

• The Great Lakes at a Crossroads: Preparing for a Changing Climate - pdf 1.58

Potential Changes in Future Surface Water Temperatures in the Ontario Great Lakes as a Result of Climate Change - pdf 1.81 mb



• ‘Lighthouse’ shortlisted in TVO competition - Mar 9

Photo courtesy of Tiffin's Cottage Care

March 2012 - "Where's Waldo (Limestones)?" - Photo courtesy of Tiffin's Cottage Care

• PaBIA supports the use of Phoslock as a practical solution to the blue green algae problem in Sturgeon Bay - Mar 1

• Resolution: Great Lakes Commission Fiscal Year 2013 Federal Priorities-2/28



The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), Parry Sound District is inviting public comment on an application from the Township of the Archipelago seeking approval to deposit granular Phoslock (bentonite clay product modified with lanthanum) to Sturgeon Bay of Georgian Bay. (read more) - PDF - Feb 24

Phoslock - FAQ - Case Studies - Pictures - Testing Program Lake Simcoe

February 2012 - Photo courtesy of Tiffin's Cottage Care

February 2012 - Looking south toward Red Rock Lighthouse from south Osawa - Photo courtesy of Tiffin's Cottage Care

• Obama Administration Releases 2012 Asian Carp Control Strategy Framework - Feb 23

• Lack of Ice on the Great Lakes - NOAA

Breaking News - from Program Officer, Heritage Lighthouse Program:

S_Turn_Marker__two_.jpg"The recently nominated Pointe au Baril Front Range and Pointe au Baril Rear Range lights will be included in the list of nominated lighthouses found on our website very shortly. We update the listing once every two or four weeks, and we expect the web team to have the list updated any day now."

The Point au Baril Front Range & Point au Baril Rear Range have made the list. Happy Leap Day!!


 	this is the front and back of the brochure.   The style had totally changed from the previous brochures.   This expands out ...1932 Ojibway Hotel brochure - Courtesy of Barry & Rebecca Middleton

If you love Pointe-au-Baril... You are sure to love this! Check out "Old Postcards and Brochures". Big Thanks to Barry and Rebecca Middleton for kicking this album into high gear! Over 100 images already... Wow! Now it's your turn...


 	That's Archie on the gasoline dock.

"Archie Taylor Marina" - August 1970 - Photo courtesy of Larry Oldfield

Many thanks to Larry Oldfield who has added 61 new photos (25/ Historical, 24/ Contribute, 8/ Georgian Bay from the Air, and 4/ Winter Wonderland) Take a look! Now it's your turn...

- - August  	February 6, 2012 "Taken in Shawanaga Bay yesterday. Notice the open water around the island and shoal. The ice is very poor this year and we...

February 6, 2012 "Taken in Shawanaga Bay yesterday. Notice the open water around the island and shoal. The ice is very poor this year and we suspect we will be boating early." Photo courtesy of Payne Marine Ltd.

• Connected by Pipeline from Canada, Tar Sands Represents Bonus and Risk to Great Lakes - Feb 7

• Kaptur urges quick response to Asian carp danger - "It is not often that you can collect the representatives from more than a half dozen federal agencies, several watchdog groups, and a commission whose membership includes eight states and two Canadian provinces, pack them in a room and have them march in lockstep and speak the same tongue." - Feb 7

• Appeals court: Moroun can be jailed for contempt, but judge must be more specific - "In February 2010, Edwards ordered the bridge company to remove the fuel pumps, toll booths and part of a duty-free shop, all of which interfere with..." - Feb 6

• 'Arctic Oscilliation' Behind Season's Mixed Winter Weather - Feb 3

• Expiring nuclear waste shipping license gives feds a second chance to do it right - Feb 2

• Grading Georgian Bay UNESCO - "Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve is creating a report card to measure a number of factors affecting the health and sustainability of Georgian Bay... Due out in the spring of 2013..."- Feb 1

• Asian carp solution found, up to $9.5 billion price tag - Jan 31

• Restoring the Natural Divide - Jan 31

• Canadian and US Groups Praise New Approach to Water Level Regulation - Jan 30


Georgian Bay Lighthouses are under siege

By Rock Hunter - Saturday January 28, 2012

Georgian Bay Lighthouses are now considered "surplus" by the Federal Government. Not just old friends and reference points, but icons that represent entire communities could be lost. Lighthouses upon which communities have been built could be torn down, and replaced with cold steel structures.

Christian Island, Jones Island, Snug Harbour, Red Rock, Pointe-au-Baril, Gereaux Island, Bustard Rocks and Killarney Lighthouses[1]appear to be on the list. Residents of Canada however can nominate a lighthouse for designation under the Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act by forwarding a petition to the Heritage Lighthouse Program by May 29, 2012. As of January 20, 2012, ninety-five lighthouse have been nominated. Killarney East and Killarney Northwest have been nominated. Pointe-au-Baril is not on the list.

There appears to be good news for the Pointe-au-Baril Lighthouse however... (more)


Georgian Bay’s Lighthouses are under siege.

Act NOW and let YOUR voice be heard. Sign this petition!!!

It's hard to believe but all of these lighthouses could be torn down and replaced with steal towers. Just stab me through the heart. Read about it here...

Hint - Find more local info on the News tab


• Court Finds New York State's Program to Stem Biggest Source of Water Pollution Too Lax - Jan 24

• Algae growing under Lake Erie ice spur dead zones - Jan 24

• Fish Populations Returning to Great Lakes - Jan 23

• Scientist: Asian carp would thrive in Lake Erie - Jan 23

• Harmful banned pesticide slowly leaving the Great Lakes environment - Jan 18

• Water Law: Public Trust May Be Fresh Approach to Protecting Great Lakes - Jan 17

• Predator In Paradise- Jan 12

New additions have made the Historic Regatta Posters Collection now fairly complete back to 1978 (Four Junior Regatta holes, 2009, 1990, 1985, 1978). A few of them are fuzzy, but overall a really good show. Again Full Screen Slideshow icon, lower right. If you have any troubles with that click HERE, select "Slideshow", hit "F11". You can also slow it down under "Options". Hope you enjoy... Cheers!!!

• Our up and down winter - Jan 10

• Only 45 Days Left—Have You Commented On EPA’s Draft Vessel General Permit? - Jan 10

• No snow, no ice means no business for some - Jan 10

• Funding for water-quality monitoring slashed - Jan 10

• Where is winter lurking? - Jan 9

• Possible lost world found in Lake Huron - Jan 9

• Argument For Chicago Waterway Changes Strengthened By Study Findings - Jan 9

• Lake Erie’s tiny new invader - Dec 22

• ANS Control Paper: The US Army Corps of Engineers has published the Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) Control Paper: Inventory of Available Controls for Aquatic Nuisance Species of Concern – Chicago Area Waterway System. - Dec 21

• Timeline for Asian carp report delayed- Dec 21


Photo Album "Best of 2011", to help you through the long winter hiatus, away from the Bay. A much better Full Screen Slideshow is available at - Here Choose "Slideshow" upper right then:

  1. Older Browsers/computers - hit "F11"
  2. Newer computers "four arrows pointing out" - icon lower right

A little music to go with that? This is side 3 of 4 of "The Famous Benny Goodman 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert." - Here

Hit the Play triangle...