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• A case study on first nations poverty - Dec 30

• Zip, nothing, nada  That pretty much describes federal plans to stop the Asian carp from invading the Great Lakes. That means it's up to the states to do whatever they can. - Dec 21  

• 5 Great Lakes states appeal ruling on Asian carp threat -
Dec 16 

2011 Asian Carp Control Strategy Framework Released - Dec 16





 Photos Courtesy of Kenlea Cottages

• U.S. consent of U.N. Rights of Indigenous Peoples Declaration leads summit action - Dec 16

• Antarctic sea ice melting as ocean heat rises - Dec 14

• Environmental DNA results as of - Dec 10

• Pollutants found even atop Everest - Dec 9

• Carp denial by the White House is no laughing matter: editorial 12/9

• Editorial: A lack of will - Dec 7

• Editorial: Obama leaving us high and dry over Asian Carp - Dec 7

• Slow ice growth leads to low November ice extent - Dec 6

• Environmental DNA results as of - Dec 3

• Judge: Chicago Locks Can Stay Open Over Asian Carp - Dec 2

• Great Lakes States Lose Legal Bid to Keep Out Asian Carp - Dec 2

• Great Lakes Seasonal Outlook - Dec 2

• Last decade warmest on record - Dec 2

 The above-water remains of the wreck of the tug "Metamora". What can be seen is the ship's boiler, which has been painted white and has a channel marker attached to it as a hazard warning.

Metamora (shipwreck)

The Metamora was a wooden tug commissioned in 1864 and used predominantly for ferrying passengers and goods in the Georgian Bay area of Ontario at the end of the 19th and early in the 20th century. It ran onto a shallow shoal near Turning Island in Georgian Bay on July 30, 1907, caught fire and sank in six feet of water. - read more

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - (modified) - Creative Commons

Historic Photo - Metamora underway ☼ Aerial photograph of "The Wreck"

• Ten-digit dialing coming to region - Nov 24

• Investment in Nuclear Energy Essential for the Province - Nov 23

• Toronto shut out of G8, G20 spending spree - Nov 19

• Sons split over fate of historic 13-star flag given to Ojibwa tribe 11/9

• G8/G20 spending an 'orgy of excess': Liberals - Sept 24

• Great Lakes officials ask for federal help for Asian carp crisis - 9/24

• The carp tsar's struggle - Sept 23

• Expert: High risk of Asian carp invading lakes - Sept 22

• 2010 Tied With 1998 as Warmest Global Temperature on Record 9/20

• Arctic ice levels 3rd-lowest on record - Sept 15

2010 seeing hot temps, less Arctic sea ice - Sept 15 - First 8 months were1.21 degrees F above average

• Freshwater levels drop 8.5% in Southern Canada - Sept 13

• U.S. Gains Carp Czar, Court Hears Testimony on the Invasive Fish -Sept 13

• Petitions to keep Asian carp out of Great Lakes delivered to White House - Sept 13 - Sign the Petition

Greenland May Soon Disappear - You Tube

• Asian Carp Case Goes to Court as Foundation Pledges $500,000 to Protect the Great Lakes - Sept 1

Pointe-au-Baril Statiion 2010

Pointe-au-Baril Station 2010

• Indian tribe wants to join Asian carp lawsuit - Sept 1

• Asian Carp Halts Kayaker's Race - Aug 27

• Invasive Species: Asian Carp Get Their Day In Court - Aug 24

Cheenama the Trailmaker (1935)

This early documentary film takes the form of a story; and aims to show the life of a family of Algonquians (Ojibwa) through different activities of everyday life, such as hunting, picking berries, and the manufacture of baskets, skins, and clothes.

Forty New Regatta Posters have been added

2010 Junior Regatta
2010 Senior Regatta 224 wide

Junior Regatta & Senior Regatta Photography at Ojibway Summer 2010

Pointe au Baril Nursing Station’s 25th Anniversary

July 22, 2010

It's hard to believe but the Pointe au Baril Nursing Station is already twenty five years old. To honour this milestone a 25th Anniversary Celebration has been scheduled for 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. August 19, 2010. A host of council members are expected to be in attendance: Reeve Ketchum, Councillors John Hansuld, Terry Desmasdon, John Cochrane, Gary French, Ken Williams and Ian Mead.

On July 16th the Township of The Archipelago also approved a donation of up to $2,000 to the West Parry Sound Health Centre to help offset costs for the Pointe au Baril Nursing Stations 25th Anniversary celebrations.

We can all be thankful for the Pointe au Baril Nursing Station and the services that have been provided there for the past twenty five years. Don't forget to put the Celebration on your calendar and to give thanks.

Asian Carp eDNA Found in Pointe-au-Baril

By Rock Hunter - July 20

How long before we see that headline? In reality we already have, or at least knocking at the door. January 19, 2010, The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reported a December 8, 2009 eDNA positive sample within Lake Michigan, and a second within a half mile of the Lake.

The easiest, cheapest, most certain corrective measure to protect the Great Lakes and stop the Asian Carp has not been chosen. The Chicago Shipping & Sanitary Canal/ Chicago Area Waterway System is an invasive species superhighway. A man made link between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River, but the "Great Lakes President" has not acted.

The single, least expensive, most protective measure has been repeatedly rejected. Closing the Chicago Shipping & Sanitary Canal and the Chicago Area Waterway System in general.

When twenty percent of the planets fresh water is involved as well,  you would think there would be more permanent sure action to protect the ecosystem.

With five states & the Canadian Province of Ontario crying foul, you would think the peoples vote would outweigh the State of Illinois self interest.

Largely coming in under the radar, we are all now paying a hidden invasive species tax. Expect the tab to keep rising. Hopefully somebody is following the money/power trail.


What the Cells Tell - The scientist who developed the new eDNA test says there are already Asian carp in Lake Michigan. - March 25

Notre Dame biologist Lodge's DNA detections validated by Asian carp capture in Lake Calumet - June 24

• OUR VIEW EDITORIAL: Great Lakes states need a president who will end Asian carp threat - July 20

• States sue federal government over Asian carp threat to Great Lakes - July 20

• Another round of lawsuits in Asian carp debate - July 20

• Manitoba braces for zebra-mussel invasion - July 18

Harbour View Patio Cafe - Pointe au Baril

Arts on the Bay - July 21 - Dinner Theater

• Warmest June on record - June was the fourth consecutive month that was the warmest on record for the combined global land and surface temperatures (March, April, and May were also the warmest). This was the 304th consecutive month with a combined global land and surface temperature above the 20th century average. The last month with below average temperatures was February 1985. - July 15

• Asian Carp Threat: Real or Overblown? - July 14

Pointe-au-Baril Lobsterfest July 17- 2010 Banner

The current LORAN system is in process of being phased out, as the US decided to cease transmitting most LORAN-C signals effective 20:00 UTC, 8 February 2010. Signals that are part of joint US-Russian and US-Canadian chains will remain on the air longer, for a limited time, to fulfill international treaty obligations. Canada has announced that operation of Canadian chains will cease on or before 1 October 2010...(more)   Wikipedia - (modified) - Creative Commons

• Giant weed that burns and blinds spreads across Canada - July 13

• Gov. Strickland calls on President Obama to hold high-level meeting on Asian carp - July 12

• Parallels between Asian carp and Gulf oil spill - July 11

• Could Chicago River Be In For Some Big Changes Soon? - July 11

• In the tale of two summits, the happy ending was Huntsville’s - 7/11

• Monster carp caught at Garfield Park - July 10

• Look away from world governance - July 9

• Huge carp caught in Chicago - July 9

• Invasive fish could make it to Lake Erie from Ind. - July 9

• Rapid ice loss continues through June - July 6

Parry Sound Art in the Park - July 16th - 18th

Dinner Theater, Arts on the Bay, Dave Parsons Quintet

• Feds are fiddling while exotic carp could ruin Great Lakes - July 3

• Another Day, Another Great Lake Threatened by Asian Carp - July 3

• Great Lakes face new carp nightmare - July 2

Canada Day Poster
Arts & Crafts Fair Programme

• Too Late to Stop the Asian Carp Invasion? - June 30

• Lawmakers seek to speed efforts to stop Asian carp - June 30

• Democrat, Republican lawmakers ask Obama for fast action to stop Asian carp - June 29

• Conservation groups pressure Obama for action on Asian carp - June 29

• We have to fight to save Great Lakes - June 27

• The Dangers Of Asian Carp In Great Lakes - npr

• Obama says G-20 produced important progress - video

• Police arrest more than 600 as Toronto G20 protests continue - 6/27

• G20 inches forward on financial reform - June 27

• The carp, and the inadequate responses, just keep coming - June 26

• More than one carp - June 26

• Protests turn violent: storefronts smashed, police cars set ablaze - June 26

• G8 leaders condemn North Korea, urge Iran respect laws - June 26

• Lawmakers: Speed up research to stop Asian carp - June 25

• Midland, Ont., tornado count rises - June 25

• Asian Carp's Spread Spurs New Calls to Close Locks - June 25

• Notre Dame biologist Lodge's DNA detections validated by Asian carp capture in Lake Calumet - June 24

• State Lawmakers Wrangle Over Obama, Invasive Carp - June 24

• Single Asian carp found 6 miles from Lake Michigan - June 23

Clear Garbage Bags

By Rock Hunter - June 21, 2010

The Township of the Archipelago says "clear plastic bags" and a "Waste Disposal Pass" are now mandatory. We had several runs to the Pointe-au-Baril Station on our last trip to the Bay. Thankfully, none of us were ever asked to present a Waste Disposal Pass. There is a small story however about the clear plastic bags.  

Recycling and composting come pretty naturally to me. So when we arrived at the Pointe-au-Baril Station on departure, we had a big box of fibers, a large clear bag of recyclables and the remaining household trash in a clear bag.

The problem arose because three plastic water bottles had been pitched into the household trash in the clean up and were clearly visible through the clear bag.  At the Transfer Station I was told "You will have to sort those" (water bottles). So open the bag I did, and pulled them out. "Now you can put it in...", I was told. Humbled I did what I was told.

Lastly  there was a small toaster oven in our gear to haul all the way home and finally dispose of, after being rejected in 2009. At the last minute a friend graciously said, "Oh NO! Leave it in the boat. I will haul it down the next time I go to Site 9." Thanks Murray!

Township of the Archipelago review of Water Quality results - Data review summary(pdf 110 kb)

Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program Report on 2009 Sampling Data - Current year report (pdf 15 mb)




Help Regatta Posters Wanted !!

Do you have old Regatta posters hanging on your cottage walls? Do you have a digital camera?

So far we've collected twenty historic Regatta posters for you to enjoy, but there's many more. Do you like the current collection? Maybe you can add to it?

If you would be so kind to photograph the Regatta posters at the cottage and send them in, we all will have an even more interesting collection to view. If you haven't checked out its progress recently visit Regatta Posters. Thank you!



CCY General Store and Home Hardware
By Rock Hunter - June 9, 2010

CCY General Store and Home Hardware.jpg
CCYGeneral Store and Home Hardware - June 5, 2010
A landmark to all of us who love Pointe-au-Baril has changed hands. After 88 years of operation C.C. Kennedy Co. Ltd. has been sold. On May 14, 2010  Bill & Lauralee Kennedy sold the store to An & John Yoon from Etobicoke, Toronto. Our dockside lifeline is now called CCY General Store and Home Hardware.

Someone introduced An & John to the opportunity. They saw a "nice area, nice view, so quiet" and wanted "to change to lifestyle." They also looked forward to a "different style business". An & John still own Flowertown Variety in Brampton, and are keeping their residence in Etobicoke.

On August 7th there will be a "Come out and Meet the new owners and Fundraising event" to raise the roof on the rink.

After the summer season they plan to remodel CCY General Store and Home Hardware "outside and inside". Bill & Lauralee will still be there helping the business thrive for a transitional 3-5 year period.

An & John, here's to another 88 years of success and a hearty Welcome Aboard!


HST Information Seminar on Tuesday, June 15th
Due to the many enquiries the Pointe au Baril Chamber of Commerce has been receiving about the impending HST, they have arranged to have an HST Information Seminar on Tuesday, June 15, 2010 at the Pointe au Baril Community Centre.

There are two 3-hour sessions:  1:00 - 3:30 p.m., and 6:30 - 9:00 p.m.

It would be very much appreciated if you could RSVP, at your earliest convenience, so that they can anticipate the attendance for each session.

Contact: Lillian White, Office Manager (705) 366-2331

Pointe au Baril Chamber of Commerce Information Centre


HST Links:

Harmonized Sales Tax in Ontario - link

Ontario's Comprehensive Tax Package - link

General Transitional Rules for Ontario HST - link

Harmonized Sales Tax - Wiki

News for HST - Google


A Few Notes for 2010 Summer Season:

By Rock Hunter

I know more and more of us are heading north to open up the cottage for the 2010 season. What I have loved about Pointe-au-Baril is how little really changes, however this year there are a few noticeable modifications.

• C.C. Kennedy's - Bill & Lauralee Kennedy have sold the store. The new owners are An and John Yoon. Welcome them aboard!

• Waste Transfer Station - Summer hours begin June 1, 2010. The Waste Disposal Pass is now Mandatory. Clear garbage bags are now Mandatory. Fines for contravening the waste by-laws start at $300. Note: Free large item pick up schedule.

• The water - is getting warmer, but it is down about 8 inches.

• Pleasure Craft Operator Card - As of September 15, 2009 all operators of powered watercraft used for recreational purposes are required to carry on board their Pleasure Craft Operator Card. The fine is currently $250 (plus administrative charges). You might want to get more than one Pleasure Craft Operator Card and keep one in each boat. Cards

• Hands free devices only - As of February 1, 2010 Ontario started enforcing a ban on hand-held devices to drivers of automobiles who text, type, email, dial, or chat using a prohibited hand-held device. Fines can be levied up to $500. Drivers can still use "hands-free" devices.

This one's a little older, but came recommended and a good reminder.

• No Smoking in motor vehicles with children present - As of January 21, 2009, the Smoke-Free Ontario Amendment Act 2008 prohibits persons from smoking in the car while someone under the age of 16 is present. A set fine of $250 applies to every person who fails to comply.  Fact Sheet

That's all I have for now. Here's to a safe and "fine free" season in Pointe-au-Baril.



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