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Old Postcards and Brochures

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Scene near the New Bellevue Hotel in the 1940s
Bellevue Hotel card mailed in 1950
Point Aux Baril mailed 1910
McIntosh Island looking towards Double Island
Time Table 1938 30,000 Islands Georgian Bay
Time Table 1938 other side
H Ward Leonards yacht at the Bellevue
1931 Canadian Pacific Pointe Au Baril brochure
Harpers Magazine from June of 1908
Shawanaga Lodge Five Mile Lake Pointe Au Baril
Shawanaga Lodge inside pages
Brints Lodges Brochure Pointe Au Baril
Brints Lodges Brochure other side
Brints Wallet Card front and back
Map done in 2 halves of PAB 1931 brochure
Top half of map from 1931 PAB Brochure
Inside page of 1931 PAB brochure
1 2 3 4 6 Next >>     201 - 217 of 217