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Old Postcards and Brochures

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Hilbourne Bay
Log Cabin near The Ojibway Hotel
Brignall Banks
Steamboat Channel
Shawanaga Falls
Hotel Skerryvore
Skerryvore Hotel
Hotel Skerryvore Georgian Bay
Hotel Skerryvore 1954
On the veranda of the Skerryvore Hotel
Skerryvore Hotel from the Bathing Beach
Log Cabin in Skerryvore
Kathalan Island Skerryvore
Amongst the Islands, mailed 1935
Midland City steamer
Pointe-Aux-Baril and the Mazeppa
Bellevue Hotel and Mazeppa around 1910
Mazeppa the Oldfield steamer
McIntosh Island mailed in 1938
McIntosh Island 1925
Gathering the Ice Blocks from the Bay
Point Aubaril yet another spelling
View from Bellevue towards the lighthouse
View from Lookout Island around 1908
J D McIntosh Store - card mailed 1925
At the Store Point Au Baril
E. Ushers Store sometime after 1946
Double Island W H Oldfield Home 1907
The Lighthouse from around 1900
PaB Lighthouse about 1920
The Lighthouse Point Aux Baril
Lighthouse around 1930
J D McIntosh store and post office
Lighthouse around 1917
Harbor Entrance Point au Baril 1910-1920
Point au Baril Village
The Bellevue mailed 1909 Pt. Aux Baril
Bellevue Hotel and the Mazeppa - around 1910
The New Bellevue Hotel
The Bellevue Hotel just after 1900
1 2 3 5     161 - 200 of 217