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Old Postcards and Brochures

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Hole in the Wall  one of the earlies postcards I have
Hole in the Wall mailed 1917
Hole in the Wall  mailed 1944
Hole In The Wall
Angler's Haven - East of Hole-in-the-Wall
Near the Ojibway, 1920s
Gathering Waterlilies near the Ojibway 1913
Near the Ojibway 1914
A Few Good Ones, Ojibway Hotel
Camp Dinner
Richardsons Docks in Pike Bay
The Rocks at Point Au Bail
Smooth Waters of Point Au Baril
Caught at Bayfield near Ojibway Island 1920s
Hemlock Channel mailed 1909
Hemlock Channel late 1930s
Hemlock Channel, Ojibway Island, Georgian Bay
Hemlock Channel - Pointe-au-Baril
Hemlock Channel.jpg
Laura Bay, Pointe Au Baril
Canoeing at Point Aux Baril 1913
A Boat passing through   ---   mailed July 1942
Lunch Hour Point Au Baril 1940s
A Quiet Day Point Au Baril  mailed Aug 30, 1941
Near the Ojibway 1916
The Reefs Point Au Baril
Cottage at Point au Baril
St. Helena once owned by Helen Davis
Tiffin Island
Richardson's Boat Garage Point Au Baril
View from the Range Light
Range Island - Pointe au Baril
Pointe Au Baril
Sheltered Bay
Pointe Au Baril 1953
View Among Islands, Point Au Baril, mailed Aug 12, 1916
Camp Craigmore
Pentecost Island
A Canoe Trail Pointe Au Baril
Lunch in Sturgeon Lake Point Au Baril
1 2 4 6     121 - 160 of 217